I loved getting to know Kate and Adam when we sat down to talk. They came to my home office and we shared yummy cinnamon rolls to celebrate Adam’s birthday. You know you have awesome clients when they share their birthday with you. I usually ask couples how they got to know each other, and was tickled at their story. Both Adam and Kate work for MinuteClinics, and they met while in school. Kate lovingly joked that she wouldn’t stop asking Adam medical questions. And that’s how love blossoms.
Adam knew for a long time that he wanted to ask Kate to marry him. So, like in all romantic movies, he told me he used to carry her ring around in his coat. Just in case the moment arrived. It turns out that an evening walk at Goodale Park turned into that moment. We went back for their engagement shoot to walk the same path that they did that night. I love being invited into these special moments and places! I can’t wait for Kate and Adam’s wedding; they already seem like dear friends.