Ashley and John

I could see Ashley and John walking across the Union Station Arch lawn to get to where we agreed to take engagement photos. I hope I wasn’t too intimidating when I squealed hello as they got closer because of how stunning Ashley looked. I love it when a couple dresses up more for their shoot. Guys should be in suits more often. And do you spy those green heels?! Ashley threw a nod to their bridal party colors for their wedding coming up this December.

Ashley and John are from Cincinnati, this shoot was the first time that we were able to meet in person. They weren’t as familiar with downtown Columbus since they hadn’t lived nearby for a while, so it was fun exploring the gorgeous backdrop of the Scioto Mile together. It didn’t take me long to see how adorable these two are together.

Loved how the wind was blowing Ashley’s dress around that day! We had to pause several times just to see what would happen

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